Why We Chose the Name Cobalt Design

June 24, 2019 by Pauline Weninger, ​​​​​​​Lead Designer

Our name, Cobalt, was chosen for a few reasons.  First, for the beautiful, rich colour of blue, depicting comfort, trust, and clarity.  Second, for its unique qualities as an element.  Reading chemistry podcaster Sarah Staniland's perspective on cobalt provided more interesting insight about this metal.

"Cobalt has amazing beauty and strength, as well as great cooperation. ... When cobalt is combined with other metals its strength allows a range of super alloys to be created."

We utilize the talents of our team, working together to create the final product for our clients.  So, the cooperative quality of cobalt appealed to us.  More than that, in determining her favourite element and why, Sarah Staniland stated in her conclusion: 

"So cobalt; giving joy in an array of beautiful colours, but also ultra strong, hard and magnetic."

Magnetic.  Our goal is to produce meaningful, purpose-filled, beautiful results, we want our design work to bring people together, whether in homes, community, or business settings.

Cobalt Design might be new under this name, but our services have been offered for many years through Weninger Construction & Design (WCD).  We have the passion to offer fundamental artistry to our clients on the path to expressing their vision.  We take an all-inclusive approach, meaning we connect with the client to understand their wants, needs, and desires, and then we think about every aspect of a design or purchase to make sure it aligns.  Not only does each choice have to be intelligent, but it must meet our high-quality standards and be a building block to the vision our clients have shared with us.

I trust you are on your way to creating your vision, whatever it may be.

Pauline Weninger,
Lead Designer

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