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My Home in a Box is online access to sleek and easy purchasing of all of the furniture, décor, home living items, equipment and supplies you need for the rooms in your home in one shipment to you. You receive items reflecting your style so you have that wow of a custom space. Everything you need from seating, to art, to linens, to cleaning products. Knowing your likes and dislikes, we purchase your tailored package. Our skilled designers select quality and functional items sourced with Canadian and North American suppliers.

My Home in a Box offers convenience and peace of mind, taking away the overwhelm of doing it all yourself. On our digital quiz, you select your price point,  your style and check off your order room by room. Just add your desires and needs, likes/dislikes, colors and special requests to your Additional Notes section. We’ll contact you and send an initial quote. Once we finalize your order with you, we get to work and most importantly, you get on with your life. Our team pulls your look together for you. We design, order, shop, gather, package, and then ship to you. All you do is receive.

Timing and shipping in general, we can be shipping to you in approximately 10 weeks from your order date. Custom made especially for you items could affect the timeline. We ship to almost anywhere in the world, and we insure our shipments.

Cost and payment depends on your budget level and what you want included. We start at good quality and go way up from there. If it is a well appointed home you want, then you will be satisfied with our service. Upon finalizing your order, payment will be due.

This service is ideal for you if you don’t have time to do it yourself and you desire a custom designed space that is live-in ready. This service is suitable for new builds, remote locations, preparing vacation and rental units, or re-outfitting after a disaster.

The end result will be uniquely you. Use the Additional Notes section to let us know what you want in each room. The more information you give us up front, the easier it is for us to deliver what you want and what works best. You can send us floor plans, elevations and layouts, and need to knows, so we can customize your boxes for you. Otherwise, we use standard sizing and layout options that fit most spaces, and we add the custom flare. All designs will be gender neutral, unless you say otherwise.

If you feel you need a consult, we can provide that before you take the leap.

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What is your style

Give us an idea of what look you’re going for so we can make sure your space suits you.

Which rooms do you need “My Home in a Box” for?

Tell us what room boxes you need. We can do everything from a single room, to a floor, to a whole house. The home will be outfitted for two residents, plus a little extra for guests. If you have a family of more than two, specific requests, or other additional needs, just let us know in the notes at the end of this questionnaire.

My Kitchen Box

A kitchen box includes table settings (2 sets per person), glassware, serving dishes, cooking and baking wear, utensils and accessories, storage, small appliances, cleaning products, linens, art, décor, floor mat, and basic kitchen supplies for two people, unless otherwise specified.

My Dining Room Box

A dining room box includes a table and chairs/seating, island seating, table linens, décor, and wall art. Adjustments can be made based on the size of the room or the number of seats needed.

My Living Room Box

A living room box includes seating (main grouping and separate one or two chairs), foot rest, coffee table, end tables, entertainment table and or lamps, throw pillows, throw blanket, wall art, rug, and décor.

My Bedroom Box

A bedroom room box includes a mattress and boxspring (double bed unless otherwise specified in the notes), end table(s), dresser, seating, lamps, mirror, pillows, bed set, blanket, sheets and protective covers, hangers, wall art, rug, and décor. It is possible to include a desk too, just let us know in the notes.

My Bathroom Box

A bathroom box includes towel sets for two people (2 sets per person), bath mat, countertop organizer accessories, paper products, garbage can, floor mats, plunger and brush, cleaning supplies, and décor. It can include a shower curtain if needed, just let us know in the notes.

My Bar Box

A bar box includes additional bar glassware, cocktail mixing kit, ice bucket, jug and glasses, tray, wine accessories, decanter, bar towels, paper napkins, and décor. Additional furniture like bar stools or wine racks can be requested.

My Patio Box

A patio box includes an outdoor dining table and chairs, unbreakable patio dishes, placemats, lanterns, napkin holder, supplies, and décor items. If you require a barbecue and accessories (propane attachment only, unless otherwise specified), or lounge seating, let us know in the notes.

My Entry Box

An entry box includes a chair/bench, a side table/shelf, coat hooks, a shoe rack, mat, boot trays, rug, mirror, and décor items.

My Custom Boxes

Custom room boxes can include very different items depending on the room type. We can curate décor, furniture, and accessories for all types of rooms, including game rooms, garages, laundry rooms, boot rooms, home theatres, home offices, home gyms, pet rooms, and more. Custom room boxes can vary a lot in cost depending on your needs for the space. Please let us know as much as you can in the notes.

What do we need to know?

  • Do you need more than one of the box types you selected?
  • Do you have more than two people in your home? What size of beds?
  • Do you have special requirements/requests for any individual rooms?
  • Do you have any special requests or questions for us?
  • Which appliances or furniture pieces do you already have, and which do you need?
  • Are there certain colours you want us to use, or not use? Do you have floor plans or measurements?
  • What feeling/impression would you want people to have when they come into the home?

Let us know anything you think we need to create a customized My Home in a Box quote for you, and we’ll follow up if we have more questions.

Who are you?

Let us know who you are and where your home is located. We use this information to create a My Home in a Box quote just for you, including delivery costs and timelines.