Décor and Furnishings

A well decorated space creates comfort when using it. The finishing touches should contribute to an atmosphere that is welcoming and functional so that your space is pleasing to the eye and a true reflection of you or your business. This is why it is important for us to get to know you, your style, and the needs of your family or business.  That way, we can ensure that the finished space matches your intentions for it and how you want to feel while you are in it.

When you let us know your intentions for your space, we detail it to reflect that, whether it is commercial or residential. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients and what the priorities are for their space. From accessibility, flow, and function, to durability, beauty and item selection, we make sure to choose products that will serve you. This includes everything you want from large furniture down to the turn key equipping of your new space.

How can we help?

Is your space tired and dysfunctional? Does your building require a major refresh? Do you want to create an environment that invites and inspires? Start manifesting your vision now.

Are you questioning what is best for you and what it will cost? Or whether you can do this project from far away? Are you wondering whether there is potential in your land or building? Get answers to your questions.

Cobalt Design will work with you to meet all of your discovery, plans, furnishings, and décor needs, in alignment with your vision and budget. Absentee owners participate as much or as little as they want as we communicate effectively online.

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