Multi-Family Digital Plans and Renderings

Multi-family construction drawings up to 4-story stick build with suspended slab and underground parking.  Let us know your intent for the build and we will design it to best suit your needs, whether it is long term rentals, hotel style holiday rentals, or a care facility, we can help.  We can also help you help the environment by incorporating green solutions into your build, such as systems to reuse grey water, rooftop patios with green space or solar panels, or other options.  We can do conceptual plans for any size building creating visuals for presenting ideas with 3D designs aimed at maximizing your land and layouts.

How can we help?

Is your space tired and dysfunctional? Does your building require a major refresh? Do you want to create an environment that invites and inspires? Start manifesting your vision now.

Are you questioning what is best for you and what it will cost? Or whether you can do this project from far away? Are you wondering whether there is potential in your land or building? Get answers to your questions.

Cobalt Design will work with you to meet all of your discovery, plans, furnishings, and décor needs, in alignment with your vision and budget. Absentee owners participate as much or as little as they want as we communicate effectively online.

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